We maintain a large selection of sanitation services because we want to help our clients in more than one way. While our main speciality is oven cleaning, this does not mean that we cannot lend you a hand with other laborious and time-consuming sanitation tasks. Our cleaning options are tailored to accord with the highest standards of the industry and we promise you that you will be fully satisfied with them. After all, it is not a coincidence that we are the most sought after and praised contractors in the area.

Benefit from a large gamut of cleaning options

Here are some of our most demanding Ealing sanitation services:

  • Oven cleaning – As aforementioned, cooker sanitation is our primary field of expertise. We have the tools and knowledge to clean flawlessly ovens of any type and size. We also can sanitise extractor and hob. Our oven cleaning services are suitable for both private and business customers, and are drafted in compliance with all local health and hygiene regulations.
  • Appliance cleaning – All kitchen amenities require a meticulously cleaning routine and can be hard to maintain in a proper condition. Fortunately for you, we can lend you a hand and sanitise numerous appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines and more. The scale of your cleaning project will not be a problem as we have the required workforce to handle jobs of any size.
  • BBQ cleaning – Grills are extremely hard to sanitise, especially if they have not been maintained for a while. We have detergents that will loosen grease build-ups, and efficient remove all soot and ashes from your BBQ. We also have the technical capacity to clean grills of any kind. You can easily book our BBQ sanitation options in Ealing by telephone, e-mail or online form.
  • Kitchen deep cleaning – Researches show that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest areas in a property. This means that you mush deep clean the room frequently and we are ready to aid with the task. Our technicians are equipped with the best sanitation instruments and use only eco-friendly products that will remove bacteria, germs, pests, dirt, allergens and dust from your kitchen. Note that we offer this particular service only to private customers.
  • Aga cleaning – Large-scale cookers can be a nightmare to sanitise, especially if you lack the right tools for the job. We on the other hand, have the human and technical resources to clean your Aga oven without any complications and delays because, as we said a few times already, we are masterful at sanitising cookers.

Lower your expenses by booking several of our services

You can use any of our cleaning services in Ealing as a standalone option or decide to combine two or more of them into a personalised bundle. If you choose the latter, know that we will make you a special package deal that will come with a lucrative discount.

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